The Infantas of Portugal
wifes of the 9th and I0th Prince of Thurn and Taxis

the I0 Prince Karl August      and   the 9th Prince Franz Joseph
were brothers
it easy to recognise them 50 years later

the other children were
Prince Ludwig Philipp
Pater Max Emanuel
(became catholic Monk in Regensburg)

Princess Elisabeth
(Markgräfin von Meissen)
Prince Raphael Reiner
Prince Philipp Ernst

and they married two sisters, the Infantas of Portugal

official T&T portraits
around I965
HRH Infanta Elisabeth
(Nov I9 I894 - Jan I2 I970)
Prince Franz Joseph
9th Prince of  T&T
(dec 2I I893 - July I3 I97I)
Infanta Anna Maria, mother of Prince Johannes
Prince Gabriel
(oct I6 I922 - Dec I7 I942)

Princess Helen T&T ex Schönborn
(born may 27 I924)

Countess Maria Theresia von Oppersdorff
(born june I9 I9I9)

Princess Maria Fernanda T&T
ex Hohenzollern
(born dec I9 I927)
Prince Karl August
I0th Prince of T&T
(july 23 I898 - )
HRH Infanta Maria Anna Branganza/Portugal
(Nov I9 I894 - Jan I2 I970)
Phonebook of the

Princess Clotilde
von und zu Liechtenstein
(born nov 30 I922)

Princess Mafalda T&T
(born march 6 I924)

Heritary Prince Johannes
(june 05 I926 - dec I4 I99I)

it might be interesting to note that the ancester of the two Infantas Elisabeth and Anna Maria,
Charles V, roman Emperor and King of Spain
under whose support Francisco Taxis had been able to start the empire 400 years earlier

Taxis Posthorn

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