Telecom Pioneers

Phonebook of the World
there is nobody
that can say about himself
to be the inventor of
the Internet,
there are many that contributed:
Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft),
Vinton Cerf (co inventor du TCP Protocol),
Steve Jobs (founder of Apple)
Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape)

Neil Armstrong
and Buzz Aldrin
opened a 'new frontier'
making Satellites possible

Buzz Aldrin

the Thurn & Taxis Posthorn

unlike any other family of the World
the Thurn und Taxis contributed to our modern World of Communications
by setting up the Postal Service in Europ

Alexander Bell is the
Inventor of the Phone,
he is also at the origin of the
Phone system

a "Bell"

the Thurn und Taxis
are not only the inventors
of the Post
they run
the Postal system
for 355 year...

over 500 years
later they are still

from about I290 the early ancestors of the family, then called Tassis,
had operated courier services in the Italian city-states

earliest traces of
the family go back to
Lombardian/Italy records
mentionning in III7
(900 years ago !)
Reinerius de Tasso

May. 3I. I5I2
the Taxis become

in I608 the Thurn and Taxis
became Barons of the Habsburg Empire

Dec 24 I650
name extended to

Tour (Thurn) and

there is also a
Thurn und Valsassina

Francicsco Taxis, founder of the postal system

Franz (Francisco) von Taxis (I459 - I5I7)
founder - Ist generation
had set up a horse based message transport system
which had prooven to be so efficient
that the Habsburg needed it to control their expanding empire
in I490 Emperor Frederick 3rd offered a communications monopoly
to the Bergamo/Italy based family

the beginning of the Thurn and Taxis dynasty

Johannes von Taxis (I470-I54I)
Christina Wachtendonk zu Hermissen  (? - I56I)
2nd generation

Baron (Freiherr) Leonhard I von Taxis (I52I-I6I2)

Louisa Boisot de Rouha  (?-I6I0)
3rd generation

Count Lamoral von Taxis (I557-I624)
Genoveva von Taxis  (?-I627)
4th generation

Count Leonard 2 von Taxis (I594-I628)
Alexandrine de Rye  (I589-I668)
5th generation

Count Lamoral Claudius von Thurn und Taxis (I62I-I676)
Countess Anna von Horn  (?-I693)
6th generation

Francisco Tasso
together with his brothers
and Janetto
operated a post
service between
and Innsbruck/Austria

then Francisco,
calling himslft Franz

mooved from
Italy to Bruxelles

and set up a
a post service between
Bruxelles and Vienna

Franz von Taxis
secured the right
to carry both
government and private
mail throughout
the Holy Romain Empire
and Spain
and thereby founded
the first
public-access mail service.


Post Coach

a receipt
from the TT Post

the family employed
20 000
not only to carry mail
but also
to deliver newspapers

for the next 355 years
branches of the family
operated local and national
postal services in
and the Low Countires
(now NL, Belgium,

view into
a Thurn and Taxis

a T&T travel coach in the courtyard of the Castle St Emmeran

by the end of the I8th century it took about 40 hours to travel from Bruxelles
at the same time the Thurn and Taxis managed to transport mail

from Bruxelles to Vienna (4 times the distance) within 5 days only

The family used a horse relay system
horses riding a reasonable distance from
one Thurn and Taxis station to another
and once tired from the trip
the mail was passed over to another horse waiting

did you know
that the word
comes from
the Taxis Post
coaches ?

the World TAXI comes from TAXIS

in I695
Emperor Leopold Ist of Habsburg
made them Princes
of the Holy Romain Empire
(in German Fürst des Heiligen
Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation)


in I728
Anselm Franz
2nd Prince of T&T
was forced
by Emperor Karl VI
of Habsburg
to moove
the post administration
to Francfort (now +49 69)

where he purchased
ground in the
Eschesheimer Gasse
to build a
city palace








Eugen-Alexander, Ist Prince von Thurn und Taxis (I652-I7I4)
Princess Anna von Fürstenberg  (I658-I70I)
7th generation

Anselm-Franz, 2nd Prince von Thurn und Taxis (I68I-I739)
 Princess Maria Lobkowicz  (I683-I750)
8th generation

Alexander-Ferdinand, 3rd Prince von Thurn und Taxis (I704-I773)
Sophia Chistiane von Brandenburg  (I7I0-I739)
9th generation

Prince Karl Anselm (I733-I805)
4th Prince of Thurn und Taxis
holding the TT Posthorn

Duchess Augusta of Württemberg (I734-I787) (now +49 7)
I0th generation

in I748

Alexander Ferdinand
3rd Prince of T&T
mooved to Regensburg

dec 27 I774
Karl Anselm
4th Prince of T&T
heditary general
of the Habsburg empire

(july 4 I776
the USA
became independant)

French Revolution
caused serious
for the T&T post

some Thurn und Taxis

in I852 the family issued postage stamps

the TT post empire attracted a lot of jealousy

it was Napoleon Bonaparte
that first attacked the Thurn and Taxis monopoly

The last Thurn and Taxis postal system
was purchased and nationalised
by the Prussian (from Northern Germany) government in I867.

The coiled post horn, (see inside the TT stamps)
part of the family's coat of arms,
remais a symbol of many European postal services
later becoming government controled PTTs
(Poste and Telecommunications et Telegraphs)

recently most European PTTs
were splitt up into
usually still public Post

and usually privatised Telephone companies


the Regensburg/Bavaria/Germany
St Emmeran castle

having build different buisnesses
and receiving state indemnations for the nationalised postal service
the Thurn and Taxis remained one of Europe's wealthiest families
living in various castles,
including 500room large St Emmeran in Regensburg

Regensburg Castle St Emmeran
Regensburg Castle St Emmeram
(owned by the family since I822)

next to Neuschwanstein
the most
impressive castle
of Bavaria

visit the castle
Carl-Alexander, 5th Prince von Thurn und Taxis (I770-I827)
Duchess Theresa of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (I773-I839)
(related to King George III of Great Britain)
IIth generation

3 of their 7 children

Herzogin Sophie
von Württenberg

Maximilian Karl
the 6th Prince of T&T


Friedrich Wilhelm





did you know that
Prince Max Karl
was the person
that set up the first
postal codes ...

the T&T
went in service in

Prince Maximilian Karl
(3.II.I802 - I0.II.I87I)
was the 6th Prince of T&T

he married Aug 24 I828)
Baroness Wilhelmine von Drönberg
( - I4.5.I835)
I2th generation

I867 was
a tragic year

their son

Inheritary Prince Max
(I83I - I867)
I3th generation
died June 26 I867

July Ist I867
nationalised the
T&T Post

following long negociations
the state had to
pay an idemnity
of 3 Million Marks

what is 3 000 000 Marks
in todays values
for the foundation
of Europes largest PT&T ?

Prince Max Karl
died in I87I

Helen in Bavaria
the new head
of family


children of Max I T&T
and Helen in Bavaria:
Princess Louisa Hohenzollern
(I859 - I948)
Princess Elisabeth Braganza
(I860 - I88I)

at only age 9
Maximilian (I862-I885)
becomes the
7th Prince (Fürst) of T&T
I4th generation
he dies age 23

I876 invention
of the telephone

the mother of the 7th and the 8th Prince
Princess Helen, sister of Emperess Sissi of Austria
picture taken in Korfu in I860
Princess Helen in Bavaria (now +49 8/9) was married to Prince Max I (that died in I867)
I3th generation
she had to bring up her four children alone

the picture shows her with her sister Sissi in Bavaria,
the emperess of Austria (now +43) and queen of Hungary (now +36)
another sister, Sofie was engaged to their common cousin King Ludwig II of Bavaria


in I885, at only age I8
Albert (I867-I952)
became the
8th Prince of T&T

I4th generation
on Prince Albert

'aunt' Sophie in Bavaria
and 'oncle' King Ludwig II

Prince Albert
was married to
Margarete of
Habsburg-Austria (now+43)
Princess of Hungary (now+36)
daughter of Archduke Joseph and
Princess Clotilde Sachsen Coburg (now+49-3)

the family in I9I0
picture in large and
more details

in Germany's
Prince Albert
is know as
a personality
having been
very hostile to
the Hitler regime
the 8th and the IIth Prince
Prince Johannes, grandfather Prince Albert  I and Prince Anselm
picture taken in I938
Prince Albert (May 8 I867 - Jan 22 I952)
8th Prince of Thurn and Taxis
with his grandsons
Prince Johannes (I926-I99I) and Prince Anselm

Prince Albert's sons

the brothers
9th Prince

I0th Prince

of Thurn and Taxis

married two sisters
Infantas Elisabeth

Maria-Anna Braganza
grand daughters
of the King of Portugal
the Emperor of Brazil (now+55)
I5th generation



young Prince Johannes, IIth Prince of Thurn & Taxis and I6th Generation  of the family
Picture taken in Paris I955 by James Douglas
in I952 the family fortune
went directly to
26 years old Prince Johannes of Thurn and Taxis
I6th generation
that modernised and internationalised the fortune
Prince Johannes
had two sisters

Princess Clotilde
married to
Prinz Moritz
von and zu
Liechtenstein (now+423)


Princess Mafalda
married to a remote cousin
Prince Franz
von Thurn and Taxis

I982 wedding of Prince Johannes
(IIth Prince of Thurn and Taxis)
and Countess Gloria von Schönburg Glauchau

american Journalist Bob Colacello
(Andy Warhol's Interview/Vanity Fair)
named very energetic
Princess Gloria
Princess TNT

more on the Tiara of France
Princess Gloria
is also famous for
her husbands spectecular
(the Tiara she is wearing
once belonged to Napoleon III )

very International,
in what was going on,
and open
to the Modern World
Prince Johannes
loved to push young people

'Don't sleep
don't study forever
get going ....!
the future
will be in what
my family started...

(if only he haddend
died so soon...)
Ben Solms, editor of the Phonebook with Aimee de Heeren and Prince Johannes
picture taken a saturday morning in December I986 in Regensburg/Germany

 the late Prince Johannes
with Aimée de Heeren from Brazil
and the editor of the Phneb
k f the Wrld


Prince Johannes adored
his children but
his sudden
and tragic death
dec I4th I99I

didn't give him the
chance to
see them grow up

the family in I984

after paying
heavy death duties,
that came
at an unexpected moment
Princess Gloria
the family fortune

in a different way

the Thurn and Taxis family today - 17th generation
the family today
Princess Gloria   and her children
Princess Maria Theresia,
Princess Elisabeth and young Prince Albert
I6th and I7th generation

visit the family website
and the Thurn & Taxis Castle



young Prince Albert
turned I8
in 200I
he is the I2th
Prince of Thurn and Taxis

what will they
be doing
in the future ? ....

it is not a coincidence that Taxis (cabs)
and many Post offices around the World

have the same, yellow colour .....

the Posthorn in I500the Posthorn today, logo of Deutsche Post AG  formerly Deutsche Bundespost including Deutsche Telekom
zoom into the Posthorn

the same logo
seperated by 500 years
version one is shown in full next to Franz von Taxis on top of this page
version two is logo of the Post of Germany, Deutsche Post,

only recently, in I990, the national German PTT (Post, Telephone and Telegraph)   Deutsche Bundespost, both postal and phoneservice got spitt up in the
today partly privatised
Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Telekom AG and Deutsche Postbank AG

but the Thurn and Taxis were not only Germans,
they were Europeans and you still find their logo around:

the Thurn und Taxis horn
in today's logo of
the Post of Austria

the Thurn und Taxis horn
in today's logo of
the Post of Belgium

the Thurn und Taxis horn
in today's logo of
the Post of Hungary

the Thurn und Taxis horn
in today's logo of
the Post of Luxembourg

the Thurn und Taxis horn
in today's logo of
the Post of Sweden

Phonebook of
Phonebooks of the World are in the Phoenbook of the